Leonardo DiCaprio Called Out for Climate Hypocrisy

Leonardo DiCaprio Called Out for Climate Hypocrisy

Hollywood Elite EXPOSED – Ultimate Hypocrisy?

(USNewsMag.com) – It can be annoying for some people when celebrities attempt to lecture about politics. They’re famous for their acting and/or singing, but for some reason, they seem to believe offering additional political insight will cause a change of hearts and minds among their fans. The latest controversy surrounding famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio is causing heads to explode.

Hollywood Star Is a Leading Climate Activist

Leonardo DiCaprio, the 47-year-old star of “Titanic,” “Blood Diamond,” and a string of other hit movies, is one of the most outspoken climate activists in Hollywood. Since 1998, he’s been funding the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an organization that actively promotes green energy and climate change. At separate times, he’s gotten the opportunity to speak to Pope Francis and former President Bill Clinton about these topics. As an appointed United Nations Messenger, he’s addressed major environmental conferences despite being a high-school dropout with no legitimate science qualifications. The actor has also been a board member of the World Wildlife Fund and traveled the world criticizing politicians for not doing enough to fight climate change.

A Traveling Preacher for the Environment?

DiCaprio’s pro-green message has been consistent for over 20 years, but his behavior hasn’t been. In 2016, he flew 4,000 miles from Cannes, France, to New York to accept a climate award — and did so in a private jet. The next day, he was due to speak at a fundraiser in Cannes, so he jumped into another private jet and flew back again.

Private jets use less fuel than commercial airliners — but they carry a lot fewer passengers, so they emit far more carbon per person carried. DiCaprio’s 8,000-mile round trip attracted a lot of criticism at the time. Even left-wing media outlets like the Huffington Post joined in when it emerged that the actor also has a habit of partying on luxury superyachts. He even borrowed one for the 2015 Cannes film festival, the 452-foot Rising Sun. This yacht is equipped with four massive 12,000hp marine diesel engines, which burn over 500 gallons an hour each.

DiCaprio likes to lecture about reducing everyone’s carbon footprints, but his own is massive. After his Cannes-New York flight, climate change expert Robert Rapier said DiCaprio’s fondness for luxury travel “diminishes his moral authority” to tell the rest of society to burn less. Rapier dismissed suggestions that DiCaprio has good reasons for traveling the way he does, retorting that everyone rationalizes what they consume with the same excuse.

First Among Hypocrites?

To be fair to DiCaprio, he’s not the only celebrity to face such intense scrutiny. Singer Taylor Swift was slammed last month after journalists revealed that her private jet had made 170 flights in the first seven months of 2022. Swift’s spokesman claimed she loaned the jet out a lot and hadn’t made all those flights herself, but that’s not really the point; her jet is flying a lot and not carrying many people.

Swift’s jet is officially the worst offender, releasing over 9,000 tons of carbon dioxide since January, but many other celebrities aren’t far behind. Boxer Floyd Mayweather, singer Jay-Z, and TV host Oprah Winfrey all love their private planes. Even Prince Harry and Meghan like to travel in gas-guzzling style while telling the rest of us to walk to the grocery store. Is climate change a real crisis — and, if it is, should “green” celebrities practice what they preach and stop being such staggering hypocrites?

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