Lefty Officials DEMAND Obedience – Or ELSE!

(USNewsMag.com) – As customers continue to boycott the store over its Pride Month section, politicians are making demands on the retail giant Target.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campell wrote a letter listing their concerns with Target pulling Pride Month products from its stores. The letter was then signed by attorney generals from 13 other states including Washington, Arizona, Connecticut, Vermont, Washington D.C., Delaware, Illinois, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, and California. The letter commended Target for protecting its workers; however, it was critical of some of Target’s decisions made in response to the boycott.

The letter states that civil rights laws can be used to defend Target. It includes that while Target is not obligated to sell Pride merchandise, the retailer is obligated to treat all customers equally under the law. The letter urges the retailer to be “mindful of its obligations under these laws” when deciding how to respond to the boycott.

The letter makes the claim that customers boycotting Target over its Pride collection are not representative of the majority of American society. It also warns Target that pulling the items from its stores confirms for those boycotting that the method works.

Since May, Target has faced backlash after videos went viral on social media showing the “tuck-friendly” swimsuits, as well as items such as T-shirts with sayings such as “Pride Adult Drag Queen ‘Katya’” and onesies  that are rainbow colored, all near the children’s section of Target stores. Most of Target’s Pride collection has items aimed at children. The collection at Target also has a bag designed by someone who claims to be a worshiper of Satan, Abprallen.

In response to the backlash, Target pulled the bags designed by Abprallen, as well as moved the display from the front of the store to the back in some of the retailer’s Southern locations.

Since the boycott began, Target has lost about $15 billion in market value.

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