Leftists DOGPILE On Kamala – White House HUMILIATED!

(USNewsMag.com) – On May 30th, “The View” co-host Sara Haines claimed that Vice President Kamala Harris’s word salads are difficult to listen to. She said the government should manage her better. They addressed the recent news that Biden’s reelection team is working to improve Harris’s public perception. Her disapproval rate continues at 51.3 percent, while her approval rate is 37.8 percent.

Haines has remarked that she may be using a teleprompter improperly. She is the United States’ vice president. The president and his cabinet are charged with “protecting her.”

Harris aided President Biden in courting black support in 2020. According to Sunny Hostin, Harris’ low approval rating is due in part to the stereotype that black women in America are physically unattractive and verbally inarticulate. It’s because of racism and misogyny in the United States’ past, which might affect voters’ decisions in 2024.

Haines, who admits to having trouble listening to Harris give presentations, claims that she often rambles. A word salad is what people term a collection of disparate words. She said she couldn’t tell whether Harris was deviating from the script or improvising. No matter the reason, she must alter her communication. If the writer is to blame, a new writer must be found.

The hosts of “The View” then showed a clip of Harris talking about how quickly time goes by. Harris declared that the issue is the value of time itself. The importance of time passing. Therefore, time’s passing is very significant when given due consideration. The hosts continued with a slew of more word salads.

Hostin said she would claim that speaking in threes is the magic number when it comes to communication, especially in the legal field. If you must refer to a vehicle, then it must be the automobile, the red automobile, and the quick red automobile.

The conversation then went to Trump and Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, when co-host Joy Behar argued that President Trump always uses word salad.

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