Leading Democrat Was FORCED To Get An Abortion — True Story Revealed

Democratic Congresswoman Says Doctors Forced Her To Get Abortion

Democratic Congresswoman Says Doctors Forced Her To Get Abortion

(USNewsMag.com) – Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) is a vocal proponent of pro-choice policies. However, she experienced a very traumatic series of events as a teenager that made her see the issue in a way that is different from most on the Left who give full-throated support for the procedure. The congresswoman recently opened up about both of the abortions she had as an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old.

According to Bush, at 18, she was raped and decided to visit a clinic to abort the fetus growing inside of her. While she was there, she underwent mandatory counseling. Later on, when she talked about her experience with the women of “The View,” she said the service was severely lacking. Instead of giving her options, such as adoption, the counselors allegedly told her abortion was the only option if she didn’t want to end up on welfare.

The lawmaker said she later heard white women at the clinic discussing how helpful the counselors were to them, implying racism may have played a role in her treatment.

Bush’s second story was even more disturbing. In an interview with PBS host Margaret Hoover, she said she went to the same clinic when she was 19. After she was on the table, she told the nurse she’d changed her mind.

Instead of letting her leave with her baby still in her womb, Bush says the nurse told her she was going to be fine and proceeded. The congresswoman said the doctor performing the procedure didn’t listen either, put the instrument in her, and performed the procedure while she objected. Again, she felt it was racism.

In both instances, the congresswoman described situations where her right to choose was taken from her — not by pro-Life activists, but by the abortion providers.

What do you think about Bush’s stories? Do you think racism might have played a part in what happened to her?

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