Lawmakers Push GUN CONTROL After Nearly Losing Their Careers!

( – The three Tennessee lawmakers who faced expulsion votes in early April met with both President Joe Biden as well as Vice President Kamala Harris April 24 where the group discussed gun control. The three lawmakers have been referred to as the Tennessee Three.

In early April, Justin Jones, Justin Pearson and Gloria Johnson, all Democrats, each faced expulsion votes after a protest for gun control where a bullhorn was used from on the floor of the state House. The protest came after a March shooting at a Christian school in Nashville. 

According to Tennessee state Republicans, by not being recognized to speak on the floor of the House, the three were accused of knowingly bringing disorder and dishonor to the House.

Jones and Pearson were voted to be expelled from the legislature, while Johnson survived by one vote. Jones and Pearson were temporarily appointed back to their seats by local boards on an interim basis, however a special election must be held where they will need to run to be elected to finish their terms.

During the meeting, Biden thanked the three lawmakers for standing up, in regard to their actions.

According to the three Tennessee lawmakers, they discussed banning assault weapons, strengthening background checks, safe storage laws and red flag laws with Biden and Harris. Before the meeting, the three lawmakers had told reports that they would ask Biden to declare gun violence a public health emergency.

The three lawmakers also discussed with Biden how they want to “build out multiracial democracy and challenge these extreme voices,” according to Jones. They also talked about gun control on the state and federal level.

The three lawmakers also talked to Biden during their expulsion votes and Harris traveled to Nashville after the votes to show her support and discuss gun control with the three lawmakers.

Since taking office, Biden has issued 20 executive orders on gun control.

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