Lawmaker Faces RECALL From 2A Advocacy Group!

( – Great Lakes Gun Rights (GLGR), a 2A advocacy organization in Michigan, has threatened to recall any politician who votes in support of gun regulation after Democrats filed legislation. As Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) declared her endorsement of gun legislation reform, they decided to start working with grassroots political activists.

After the shooting at MSU on February 16, which left three dead and five wounded, eleven firearm proposals were submitted to the Michigan legislature. It’s possible that this tragedy could have been avoided if the district attorney hadn’t withdrawn the felony gun charge against the shooter the first time around because of his political leanings.

Michigan lawmakers used this tragedy as the impetus for this new wave of gun legislation. Senate Bills 76-86 call for universal background checks, the confiscation of guns, red flag laws, and more.

The Democrats of Michigan are pushing through anti-gun legislation that “would make California blush,” according to the Executive Director of GLGR, Brenden Boudreau. He said that Republicans should reject any gun control proposals, and they are asking Democrats in Michigan to abandon their political drive to do so. If they don’t back down, they will organize with grassroots groups and citizens in their districts to force the recall of any politician who supports these gun-control measures.

According to GLGR, the framework for a recall is established under Chapter 18 of the election laws of Michigan. According to that chapter, the organization has to gather signatures from 25 percent of the total votes cast for the legislators within 60 days.

Joe Neville, the vice president of the National Association for Gun Rights, will be assisting the group since he was instrumental in the recall of three Democrat state senators in Colorado in 2013. The Michigan recalls are expected to begin sometime this summer.

Boudreau questions if the Democrats will risk losing their majority this summer if they continue to promote these extreme and unlawful gun control proposals. The organization encourages people in Michigan to call their representatives and demand that they vote against any gun restriction measures.

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