Larry Elder Running In 2024?

( – Republican Larry Elder, presenter of a conservative talk program in California, is apparently getting ready to run for president in 2024.

Around the close of April 2023, the political analyst will likely declare his candidacy. His Elder for America PAC has raised $1.7 million thanks to his travels to states that vote in early primaries, including New Hampshire and Iowa. The Republican presidential candidate in 2024 will almost certainly have to run against Trump.

Elder’s tagline, “We’ve got a country to save,” would serve as the basis for his campaign slogan, which would emphasize the need for returning to America’s founding principles.

As Elder’s friend and SALEM Radio VP Tom Tradup claimed, he would only run for office if he really wanted to see the United States advance on a positive path, as opposed to the direction in which President Biden is bringing the nation.

According to Tradup, the American people are sick of politically correct campaign rhetoric that tries to please everyone by not offending anybody. What you get are candidates running for office who lack conviction in anything.

Elder said in January that if he were to compete in the Republican primary, it wouldn’t be to undermine either former President Trump or Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, but rather to offer two elements to the conversation that he doesn’t think the other candidates have.

He believes that the enormous number of children born to unmarried mothers is the most pressing issue facing the United States.

Also, he plans to devote attention to conservative solutions to American racial problems. He claims to be able to debunk the myth that racism is institutionalized in the US. He clearly knows that it is a lie, more than any of the other candidates.

Elder is welcome to compete with Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, and Asa Hutchinson for second place, according to a top operator in the Trump camp. He’s got about the same chance of winning as anybody who isn’t Donald Trump. In the RCP average, Trump is over 50%.

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