Kirby Warns Journalists Don’t Report on Leaked Pentagon Papers

( – John Kirby, a spokesperson for the National Security Council of the White House, issued a warning on April 10 that the specifics of the papers stolen from the Pentagon shouldn’t be made public.

In the past few weeks, a number of secret papers were made public, some of which purportedly deal with the manner in which the United States spies on other countries such as South Korea, Ukraine, and Israel. This has caused authorities to express concern that the leak might put a strain on international relations.

The Pentagon only validated a small percentage of the papers, and around 40 of them have been lost due to users of the web platforms Discord and Telegram deleting the servers for particular messages. However, the entire number of documents might reach up to one hundred in total.

The papers that were verified up to this point indicate how intelligence agencies from the United States have infiltrated data security agencies located in Russia. Others demonstrate how NATO intends to reconstruct the Ukrainian military, as well as flaws in the system of air defense in Ukraine, which is rapidly running short on munitions and is at risk of falling apart in the absence of a significant supply.

Without verifying the authenticity of the papers, this, according to Kirby, does not belong in the general public arena. There’s no need for it to be shown on the evening news or meant for widespread distribution.

According to the papers, American intelligence has the ability to assess Russia’s military might and has successfully penetrated their Ministry of Defense.

The US Defense Department is still evaluating the authenticity of the photographic materials that have been making the rounds on social media and that seem to contain highly secret and delicate data, according to Sabrina Singh, the deputy press secretary of the Pentagon.

She said that the government agency had informed the Justice Department about the leak and that the latter had launched a criminal inquiry.

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