Kevin McCarthy REJECTS Invitation – He’s Turning It Down!

( – The offer to go to Ukraine that was extended to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) by Zelensky, the Ukrainian President, was declined. He said that he didn’t feel the need to go to the war-torn nation in order to develop his view on providing financial support to the Kyiv administration during the ongoing military operation.

During the midterm elections in 2022, McCarthy was the minority leader. He made a promise that a Republican-led House would not give Ukraine a blank check. This promise was made in response to the Biden administration’s massive monetary support in supplying the country with military assistance in spite of the US falling further into debt.

“I will continue to get my briefings,” McCarthy said, adding that he does not need to go there in order to observe the situation. He has made it clear that he will not issue any open-ended funding for anything.

Zelensky had a desire to cultivate a relationship with McCarthy in the hopes of swaying his opinion and obtaining continued financial support for Ukraine.

He said that he believes that it would be beneficial for Speaker McCarthy, who has never been to Ukraine, to make the trip since it would assist him with his job. McCarthy is obligated to come to this location in order to have a better understanding of what the war has done to these people. Following that, he will be able to form his own conclusions.

McCarthy’s decision not to go to Ukraine comes at a time when Russian troops in the Donbass area look to be on the verge of capturing Bakhmut, a strategically important city, as part of a bigger advance. Zelensky has issued a warning that the loss of the city would provide Russia with an opportunity to grab vital cities in the eastern part of the nation.

On March 8, NATO head Jens Stoltenberg alluded to the potential that the city would fall in the days to come.

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