Kari Lake Reveals #1 Priority If She Were To Win Governor’s Race

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Highlights Border Issues

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Highlights Border Issues

(USNewsMag.com) – The Biden administration is failing at many things, but one of its earliest and longest running failures is the disaster at our southern border. From the president down, nobody in the White House seems able — or willing — to stem the flood of illegal immigrants and deadly narcotics entering the US from Mexico. Now, a Republican gubernatorial candidate has had enough.

Who Is Kari Lake?

Kari Lake is a 53-year-old former TV news anchor who’s lived in Arizona for over 20 years. She worked as an anchor for Fox 10 Phoenix, beginning in 1999. Since leaving the station in March 2021, she’s become one of the state’s leading pro-Trump Republican politicians, and last June, she announced plans to run in this year’s gubernatorial race.

Lake is a conservative Republican who supports the Second Amendment and praised the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade. She’s a strong opponent of “woke” race and gender ideology, and wants to protect single-sex spaces like women’s restrooms from trans activists. However, it’s her views on immigration that are likely to win her the most support from Arizonans.

Resisting Arizona’s Invaders

Border security is a hot issue in Arizona, as the state is one of the main targets for people-traffickers and drug cartels. Since President Biden took office last year, there’s been a huge surge in illegal border crossings that the federal government has been unable to prevent. Incumbent Governor Doug Ducey (R) has followed the example of Texas and sent busloads of illegals to Washington, DC; now Lake says that, if she’s elected, she’ll take an even harder line.

Lake, who’s endorsed by former president Donald Trump, says sending irregular migrants to liberal-run cities is “kind of cute” but believes it’s not a real solution. She believes immigrants in Washington, DC, are “still our problem” and says she’ll send them back across the border instead. Her anti-migration strategy is based on declaring a state of invasion on her first day in office, then working with other border states to coordinate efforts to stop the traffic.

Lake also pledged to keep the federal government updated on what’s being done but added, “we’re not going to wait for their approval. They have dropped the ball.” She says the administration is failing in its duty to protect the US from invasion, and that as governor, she would use the state’s resources — including the Arizona National Guard — to protect its people.

Those people are fed up with their state being flooded with illegal migrants and lethal drugs, including fentanyl. Many of them will be tempted by Lake’s determination to do something about it.

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