Kamala Harris Suggests Hurricane Relief Should Be Based On Race

Kamala Sidesteps Questions After Pushing Race-Based Hurricane Relief

Kamala Sidesteps Questions After Pushing Race-Based Hurricane Relief

(USNewsMag.com) – Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida’s Gulf Coast during the last week of September, absolutely ravaging it. The Category 4 storm, which was just 2 mph slower than a Cat 5, left people without homes, water, food, or electricity, and took many people’s lives. Now, the vice president is under fire for something she said in its aftermath.

On Friday, September 30, Vice President Kamala Harris was at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership event when she spoke out about the storm. Fox News reported that she told the media that when natural disasters strike, it’s the low-income areas and communities of color that are “most impacted by these extreme conditions.” She went on to say the administration would look into “giving resources based on equity.”

That caused people to believe President Joe Biden was going to hand out disaster relief to people based on their race. Fox News Digital asked her to clarify her remarks, but she refused.

Christina Pushaw, a spokesperson for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) clarified that aid was not being distributed based on the race of victims.

Hurricanes do not discriminate against people based on their race. When Fiona and Ian slammed into Puerto Rico and Florida, respectively, the storms impacted everyone who lived in places where the storm came ashore. Coastal homes were obliterated in the Sunshine State, both the ones built by the wealthy and the mobile homes where many retirees lived.

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