VP Comes Face-To-Face With Failures – It Isn’t Pretty

(USNewsMag.com) – On May 14, a busload of migrants traveling from Texas arrived at the ‘Naval Observatory’ in DC, where they were unloaded. Kamala Harris, VP of the US, makes her home.

On May 11, when Title 42 was about to run out, Texas Governor Greg Abbott made a commitment to keep sending buses filled with illegal migrants to Democrat-controlled liberal areas in the northern United States, such as Chicago and New York. He stated that there would be additional buses arriving in sanctuary cities like Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago, as well as other places around the nation with similar policies.

It’s not the first instance that Abbott has transported a busload of migrants from the border between the US and Mexico to the residence of the vice president. In December, 2022, the bus of illegal immigrants let them out just in front of VP Harris’s house. In the fall of 2022, illegal immigrants were also transported by bus to the Naval Observatory.

In April 2022, the governor of Texas started transporting migrants from Texas border communities to the nation’s capital in an effort to put pressure on Biden’s administration to take action on the security of our border and the enforcement of immigration laws.

As a polar vortex was moving towards Texas, Abbott sent a letter to Biden saying that his actions placed many people in a perilous and bitterly cold environment. Because of his policy of maintaining open borders, Texas has shouldered a disproportionate share of the cost.

In addition, the governor revealed the most recent statistics from Operation Lone Star and said that Texas was making the first in the nation decisions to protect Texas citizens in their towns in the face of the president’s decision to discontinue Title 42 without a solution to the problem of the open border.

According to the statistics, there were around 402 million doses of fatal fentanyl confiscated, 28,000 arrests, 373,000 illegals captured, and over 17,600 migrants sent to sanctuary towns.

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