John Kerry Gets THREATENED With Legal Action!

( – In a letter that was made public on April 25, Representative James Comer (R-KY) warned of a subpoena to the office of John Kerry, who serves as a special envoy on climate change, for failing to deliver materials requested by the Oversight Committee of the House.

Comer, who is the committee chair, criticized the Biden administration for its lack of response to almost two years’ worth of requests from the Oversight Committee. These oversight requests demanded information on the identities of office employees, the activities of Kerry’s office, their internal correspondence, and their expenditures. If the government does not answer the committee’s requests by May 9, the congressman vowed to take more steps, including mandatory, coercive procedures.

According to the committee’s findings so far, John Kerry has persisted in negotiating with other governments, such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in a way that might be detrimental to the interests of the United States. Biden’s administration has continued to ignore demands for information from the Committee on Kerry’s powerful and unrestrained position of power.

In February, the committee requested details from Kerry on his talks with China, which they said were harmful by undermining legislative authority and the economic interests of the United States. Because Kerry’s position doesn’t require confirmation by the Senate, the committee requires proof that he is in a position to make agreements with other countries with authority from the United States government.

According to Comer, under the pretext of climate activism, Envoy Kerry is participating in actions that might damage the economy, jeopardize foreign policy, and circumvent legislative power. And yet, neither his office nor Envoy Kerry are willing to be open with the Committee or the American public about who they’ve hired, how much they’ve spent, or what they’ve been up to.

The Boston Herald submitted a Freedom of Information Act inquiry for Kerry’s staff payrolls in early 2021; the State Department predicts processing the request would take until late 2024, even though the records are currently available.

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