Joe Rogan Absolutely Slams Gender Affirming Care

( – UFC commentator and renowned podcast host Joe Rogan is pushing back against so-called gender-affirming care” for minors, describing the practice as “childhood mutilation.”

The remarks were made by Rogan during a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” featuring television pundit Bill Maher. The two were discussing politics and the ideological concept of “wokeness” when Rogan said that what scares him the most “is what they’re doing with children. Rogan said the fact that transgender procedures are being referred to as “‘gender affirming care’ when it’s really childhood mutilation” is “terrifying,” because young people don’t “have the ability to figure out what ‘permanent’ means.”

Rogan joked that a seven-year-old can’t get a face tattoo and then listed more examples, such as “go to war” or “get married,” because they’re “too young” to make such decisions, and railed against the idea that minors “should be able to make life-changing choices” such as taking puberty blockers, which he says “are not reversible” despite what advocates of gender affirming care claim.

Rogan notes that there are people who go through with such procedures who are happy, but then asks “how many people aren’t” happy, “how many are young,” and “how many de-transitioners” have “horrible stories. He then dismissed the notion from people who believe in gender ideology that those who question it are monsters and bigots for bringing up these stories, which Rogan said is “f***ing insane.”

This isn’t the first time Rogan has openly pushed back against gender ideology. A decade ago, he first touched on the issue of transgender people in sports. The criticism from Rogan was sparked after a male MMA fighter, Fallon Fox, came out as transgender and was allowed to compete against females. Rogan said Fox “calls herself a woman,” but he “tends to disagree” and that he believes there’s “no f***ing way” Fox should be allowed to “fight women in MMA. Other sports commentators and athletes are stepping forward to defend women’s sports, such as former Olympic swimmer Riley Gaines, who’s been strongly advocating for legislation to ban trans-identifying males from female leagues.

These events have culminated in a national conversation about exposing children to gender ideology, and as the country discusses the ethical nature of “gender affirming care,” minors are being pushed onto the conveyor belt of transition like test subjects.

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