Joe Biden Says He Doesn’t Care About Polls

( – President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been tanking over the last few months. The Democrat’s economic, immigration and national security policies have caused many Americans to move away from him. But the president claims his plummeting poll numbers aren’t bothering him.

On October 21, during a press conference at the G20 Summit, the Associated Press’ Zeke Miller mentioned the president’s falling poll numbers. The journalist drew a line straight from his popularity to the issues Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is having in Virginia. What was once an easy win for the Left, is turning around and now, FiveThirtyEight shows Republican Glenn Youngkin in the lead. Miller also pointed out that Liberals are having a hard time negotiating his agenda, asking the president if America is “here to stay.”

Biden responded, saying while he was in Rome “everyone sought [him] out.” He went on to say the polling goes up and down but it doesn’t matter to him because he didn’t run to do well in the polls.

Biden doesn’t seem to understand that those polls represent the American people. They’re the ones who are speaking out to express their dissatisfaction. Certainly, he should care about the fact that the citizens of this country are unhappy with his performance; after all, he does work for the people.

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