Jim Jordan Warns About FBI’s Move Against Pro-Life Catholics

(USNewsMag.com)  – House Judiciary Committee chairman and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan is speaking out about a report released Dec. 4 by his panel that exposed an alleged FBI plan to monitor Catholics out of its Richmond, Virginia, office.

The House Government Weaponization Committee report referenced a priest and choir director interviewed by the FBI. The interviews occurred despite documentation showing there was “no legitimate basis” for the memo that prompted the Feds to infiltrate Catholic churches. FBI officials claimed previously that the issue occurred only in Richmond, but Jim Jordan said that the “attack on pro-life Catholics” is more expansive. He added that multiple field offices, including offices in Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee, were “involved in this attack on pro-life Catholics.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that headquarters ordered the immediate receipt and withdrawal of the memo once it learned about it.

The House investigation into the FBI’s targeting of traditional Catholics began after the website UncoverDC posted a document from the Richmond field office. The document stated that Catholics favoring traditional Latin Mass were more likely to join violent extremist groups.

Jordan said the issue itself and its reported expansion are believable and par for the course for the administration. He pointed to the FBI raiding the pro-life activist Mark Houck’s home in Kintnersville, Pennsylvania. Houck was arrested outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic after Pennsylvania authorities had declined to prosecute him previously. Houck had offered to turn himself in, but instead, he was “met by the full force of the bureau,” Jordan said.

Jordan stated that the allegations in the report echo President Joe Biden’s 2022 Philadelphia speech in front of Independence Hall, where he declared “MAGA Republicans” a “threat to democracy.” Jordan stated it was the “mindset” of the administration that if you are pro-life, a traditional Catholic, or parents attending a school board meeting, “somehow you’re radical, somehow you’re an extremist.”

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