Jim Jordan Demanding Hunter Biden Documents

(USNewsMag.com) – House Judiciary Committee Chair and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding Department of Justice documents related to the Hunter Biden investigation.

The letter also sets the date of Oct. 11 for an interview with special counsel David Weiss, who stated previously that he is willing to talk to the House Judiciary Committee. Weiss was appointed by former President Donald Trump.

Testimony from Department of Justice officials, including Lesley Wolf, who is a deputy to Weiss, and U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C., Matthew Graves, is also requested in the letter. The officials had been mentioned during the testimony given by IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler. In a July hearing, Shapley and Ziegler both alleged that the Department of Justice had effectively obstructed and minimized its criminal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax crimes. The two whistleblowers claimed the felony and misdemeanor charges they had recommended to Weiss were “slow-walked” by President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

A significant number of documents related to the investigation into Hunter Biden were requested by Jordan.

Among the requested documents are a PowerPoint related to the investigation as well as notes or emails associated with an Oct. 7 meeting. According to Shapley, during the meeting, Weiss stated he had sought and was denied special counsel status. Weiss was not given special counsel status until August.

Jordan requested more information about Shapley and Ziegler, including all documents and communications that make reference to them, the Oct. 7 meeting, their plans to testify before Congress, and the authority and Weiss had to bring charges against Hunter Biden. Jordan specifically requested all communications between Weiss, BI agent Thomas Sobocinski Sobocinski, and his deputy Ryeshia Holley.

On Sept. 14, Hunter Biden was indicted on three felony gun charges that stem from a 2018 gun purchase. However, it remains unclear if any additional tax charges are coming.

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