Jesse Waters SURPRISES Fox News – The Numbers Are In!

Jesse Watters Brings in Whopping 3 Million Views

Jesse Watters Brings in Whopping 3 Million Views

( – Since former President Donald Trump left office, it seems that liberal media outlets have failed to maintain the same level of viewership. Networks like CNN have seen ratings drop significantly over the last year. Fox News, however, is not having the same issue, and anchor Jesse Watters is drawing in tons of viewers himself.

Mediaite posted the final ratings for Monday night, and Watters clearly came out on top. The anchor, who hosts “Jesse Watters Primetime” and co-hosts “The Five,” managed to attract over 3 million viewers for each show on October 24. In contrast, “Situation Room,” which airs on CNN during the same 5 p.m. time slot as “The Five,” brought in an audience of 595,000. During the 7 p.m. time slot when “Jesse Watters Primetime” aired, CNN’s “Erin Burnett Outfront” attracted about 640,000 viewers, while MSNBC’s “Reidout” brought in about 1.164 million.

Western Journal offers a simple solution behind the disparity: viewers are tired of tuning to networks that won’t address the pressing issues the country is currently facing. Jesse Watters has been on the network since 2014, where he’s appeared on and hosted several shows, and he’s not afraid to tackle these hot-button topics head-on.

With the midterm elections right around the corner, do you think these ratings reflect how voters will cast their ballots?

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