JAWDROPPING Confession – White House Admits It!

(USNewsMag.com) – The latest remarks by President Joe Biden have even his aides admitting they are unsure what he was trying to say.

At the end of his June 16 speech on gun control in Connecticut, Biden said .”God Save the Queen, man.” The Queen died in September 2022. The White House offered no explanation for what Biden meant.  White House principal deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton tried to cover for Biden saying maybe it was a comment for “someone in the crowd.” However, other aides tried to give other explanations for his use of the phrase, with some saying he has used it before and is maybe using it sarcastically. Biden also used the phrase in 2017, while presiding over the counting of the electoral votes to confirm then-President Donald Trump. Biden made the same comment to the hen-House Speaker Paul Ryan.

He also stated he would not be able to shake hands with those in attendance because of an approaching storm going on to add, “don’t make me a dog-faced, lying, pony-soldier.”  He said the phrase, which he has used before when being questioned by a student regarding his standing in the 2020 Iowa caucuses, is from a John Wayne movie. However, there is no record of the phrase being in any John Wayne movie.

During his February State of the Union address, Biden wished Republicans in Congress, “Lots of luck in your senior year.” No explanation was given by the White House for what he meant.

According to a report by Axios, Biden’s aides are often unsure of what exactly some of his remarks mean.