It’s a Shakeup – They’re Changing EVERYTHING

( – Following its controversial move taking Tucker Carlson off the air, Fox News is rumored to be shaking up its primetime lineup, with a new primetime schedule that will include changes for every hour.

Sean Hannity would take over 8 p.m. hour, according to The Drudge Report May 17. During primetime, Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters will also get their own shows. Currently, Watters is a co-host on “The Five” at 5 p.m., which is currently the network’s highest rated show. He also has the 7 p.m. time slot with the show, “Jesse Watters Primetime.” Gutfeld is also a co-host on the show, as well as host of his highly rated late-night comedy show “Gutfeld!” which is on at 11 p.m.

According to Fox News, the network is considering many different scenarios and has not made a final decision on if it will shuffle its primetime schedule. Fox News CEO Lachlan Murdoch stated the strategy for programming was not changing.

Since his departure, Carlson’s 8 p.m. time slot has been filled with an opinion show with a rotating array of hosts, “Fox News Tonight.” Hosts have included Kayleigh McEnany, Lawrence Jones, Will Cain and Brian Kilmeade.

Carlson began working at Fox News in 2009, earning his slot at 8 p.m. after Bill O’Reilly’s departure in 2016. Carlson’s show was one of the most watched on Fox as well as on cable TV. In March, his show had 3.25 million viewers. Carlson and Fox News parted ways April 24, with Rupert Murdoch reporting that Carlson had been fired, though no reason was cited for his firing. On April 26, Carlson posted an official statement on Twitter in which he recognized those who support him. On May 9, Tucker posted on Twitter about a new show he will be starting that will be hosted on Twitter. In the announcement, he stated the “news you consume is a lie.”

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