International Police Discover $232 Million in Suspected Drug-Related Trafficking

Interpol Discovers $232 Million in Suspected Drug-Related Trafficking

( – Drug trafficking remains a global problem. The multi-billion industry impacts nearly every country in the world in one way or another. Recently, European police made a major bust and prevented tons of drugs from making it to the streets.

On Monday, October 18, Portuguese police revealed a sting carried out by multiple law enforcement agencies against a yacht they raided in the Atlantic Ocean. The officers found 5.2 metric tons of cocaine worth $232 million aboard the vessel. Police said it was the biggest seizure of drugs in Portugal in 15 years.

Authorities found 183 cloth sacks full of cocaine reportedly headed to the European market. In addition to being one of the biggest drug busts in Europe, it was the largest seizure ever of narcotics from a sailboat.

The police operation involved the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), police officers from Spain and Portugal, and the UK’s National Crime Agency. Authorities arrested three crew members, one Peruvian and two Spanish nationals. The head of Spain’s police narcotics unit, Antonio Duarte, said the crew had already been on law enforcement’s radar. Police believe they’re part of a larger international drug ring.

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