Inflation Is Leading to Even Smaller Food Portions at Restaurants

Inflation Is Leading to Even Smaller Food Portions at Restaurants

Inflation Is Having a TERRIFYING Side Effect on Food

( – Shrinkflation has hit grocery stores across the country in recent months as manufacturers look for ways to deal with rising costs. Companies have begun covertly shrinking packages, giving consumers less for more. Apparently, it isn’t just happening on market shelves.

According to the Q2 Yelp Economic Average published in July, consumers have complained about shrinking portion sizes at restaurants. Customers are actually mentioning “shrinkflation” for the first time in the platform’s reviews.

Their comments are based on experiences at casual restaurants that serve items like pizza, hamburgers, Italian, Chinese, seafood, and others. Ten states, in particular, have seen mention of inflation skyrocketing. Six of those states are in the Northeast, including New York, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. Complaints are on the rise as Americans not only gripe about food, but alcohol and even hotel stays.

The Labor Department has reported inflation is up 9.1% over the previous 12 months. The cost to eat out has shot up 7.4% in the last year. Eating at home is even worse, with the cost of groceries rising by 11.9%. If that isn’t bad enough, families are now grappling with smaller packaging and portion sizes, making it more expensive to pay for the very basic of life-sustaining tasks: eating.

Have you noticed the portion sizes shrinking at your favorite cafes and restaurants? If so, tell us about it.

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