Indictment BOMBSHELL – Rapper Takes Center Stage?

( – In the 44-page indictment against former President Donald Trump, which lists 37 counts, there is a part that has caught the attention of many Twitter users who seem to believe that musician Kid Rock is part of it.

The charges, which were made public on June 9, say that Mr. Trump intentionally misled and lied to the authorities in order to keep papers that he was aware were secret.

The part of the charge that Twitter users became interested in was about something that happened at the Bedminster Club in the late summer of 2021. Trump showed a member of his committee for political action who didn’t have a clearance for security, a secret map of an armed forces operation.

When Twitter noticed this,  they began to guess and link it to an interview Kid Rock did with conservative journalist Tucker Carlson in 2022. During a 2017 visit to the White House, Rock said the president showed him something he thought was secret knowledge and asked for his opinion.

Rock, who has been a vocal backer of Trump for a long time, said he wasn’t sure if he was permitted to look at the plans that were being shown him. He joked with Carlson, saying he didn’t think he knew enough about North Korea to answer the question posed to him.

The indictment against Trump contains one count of making false representations and statements, one count of conspiracy to hinder justice, one count of fraudulently hiding a record or document, one count of hiding a piece of evidence in an investigation by the federal government, 31 counts of deliberate keeping of classified information, one count of a plan to hide, and one count of concealing a record or document.

Trump was formally arraigned on these charges June 13, but there is no word on whether any of the charges are connected to the alleged incident described by Kid Rock.

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