Impatient Migrants Storm Across US Border, Unwilling to Wait for Title 42’s End

Impatient Migrants Storm Across US Border, Unwilling to Wait for Title 42's End

Migrant Army Overwhelms Border Patrol As Crisis Reaches Unseen Heights

( – The Biden Administration has been plagued with the ever-increasing number of migrants crossing the southern border. It recently tried to end Title 42, a pandemic-era rule that allowed authorities to swiftly remove migrants due to COVID-19, but a judge blocked the efforts. It’s likely to lead to a lengthy court battle as the Department of Justice (DOJ) quickly appealed the ruling. However, while the law is in limbo, migrants at the border are getting impatient and they’re taking drastic measures.

Migrants Waiting in Eagle Pass, Texas

From Saturday, May 21 to Sunday, May 22, approximately 3,600 immigrants crossed over the Rio Grande River and into the Eagle Pass area of Texas. Most were Honduran, but there were some Colombian migrants as well. Border patrol was so overwhelmed, it called in all of its available agents to help process and contain those coming into the country. Thousands waited in the Eagle Pass area for transportation to take them to processing centers. Even the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) helping at the border were overloaded and unable to help with the massive influx.

What’s worse is many are waiting for Title 42 to expire, which it was set to do on May 23. However, due to a court ruling, it’s still in place and gives the government permission to swiftly remove immigrants from the country without any other reason. According to a Breitbart exclusive, migrants at the border either didn’t understand or didn’t know about Title 42 remaining in place.

Title 42 Ruling

According to District Judge Robert R. Summerhays, the Biden Administration was in the wrong in trying to lift Title 42 because it violated administrative procedure laws. In addition, repealing the policy would place the burden on states to care for the migrants in terms of healthcare, education, and law enforcement. In short, it would result in “irreparable harm.”

In response to the ruling, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a statement saying while it disagreed with the court’s assessment of the policy, it would “comply with the court’s order to continue enforcing” the CDC’s order while it stands. The Biden Administration is already fighting the action and it may be months before we get any resolution in the matter.

In the meantime, Border Patrol can expect immigrants to remain a problem for the foreseeable future. In fact, they expect the number of migrants to approach 4,000 this weekend alone, adding more stress to an already overburdened system. If Title 42 were successfully repealed, Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz is worried the number will explode exponentially.

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