Ice Cream Is Being Recalled for Possible Listeria

Ice Cream Is Being Recalled for Possible Listeria

Watch Out — This Popular Snack Food Is Being Recalled Across America 

( – Big Olaf Creamery, based out of Sarasota, Florida, is incredibly popular in the city. The family-owned business has served up sweet treats to the city’s residents since 1982. Unfortunately, the CDC is blaming the ice cream maker for multiple deaths.

On June 30, the CDC issued an alert warning of a multi-state listeria outbreak impacting at least 22 people ranging in ages from 1 to 92 years. One woman died in Illinois after having had a miscarriage. The agency linked the illnesses to Big Olaf Creamery and recommended people who had ice cream with expiration dates through June 30 should return the products to the store where they purchased them or throw them away.

After the initial warning, Big Olaf pushed back and refused to issue a recall, even remaining open over Independence Day weekend. On July 3, the company posted a statement on Facebook, claiming the CDC was targeting the company and saying there was no confirmation the outbreak came from their ice cream.

On July 13, the company finally relented and issued a recall of all of its products. The decision came after the Florida Department of Agriculture found listeria inside the ice cream maker’s factory.

The family of 79-year-old Mary Billman, the woman who died after eating the ice cream, has filed a lawsuit against the company for wrongful death.

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