Hunter Biden’s Messages Challenge Attorney

( – Though his attorney, Abbe Lowell, says money from Hunter Biden’s business dealings was not shared with his father, President Joe Biden, text messages and emails appear to show otherwise.

In a CNN interview, Lowell stated that he can “categorically” say that President Joe Biden did not profit from, nor was he involved in, Hunter Biden’s previous business dealings.

However, text messages from January 2019 between Hunter Biden and his daughter, Naomi, show that Hunter Biden may have given half his salary to his father. In the messages, Hunter Biden wrote that “unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Hunter Biden and his uncle, in a 2018 WhatsApp message, discussed the now-first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, who had stated Hunter Biden would not be able to support his family if he did not get sober. In the messages, Hunter Biden said he had supported his family, “including some of the costs you should have used your salary” for.

In text messages from April 12, 2018, Hunter Biden discussed paying an AT&T bill with his assistant, Katie Dodge. Hunter Biden, who also references a Well Fargo line of credit, stated that he has paid this for the “past 11 years,” adding that most of the lines were used by his dad. It is unclear if Hunter was talking about sharing the AT&T account or Wells Fargo account with his dad.

An email exchange between Hunter Biden and his business partner, Eric Schwerin, discusses the transfer of funds into Hunter Biden’s account from President Joe Biden’s tax refund check because “he owes it to you.” Another email exchange between the two in 2016 shows that Hunter Biden was expected to pay a $190 AT&T bill for “JRB.”

These examples, along with testimony from whistleblowers, were presented by the House Oversight Committee as evidence that the president was involved in and profited from Hunter Biden’s business dealings. On Sept. 18, Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against the IRS, stating that during the investigation into his alleged criminal activities, the whistleblowers “targeted and sought to embarrass” him.

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