Hunter Biden UPDATE – Attorney General Steps Forward!

( – At an oversight meeting on March 1 about the Hunter Biden probe, Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, was questioned by Charles Grassley, the Republican Senator from Iowa. He disclosed that “over a dozen sources” had informed the Justice Department and the FBI of his possible involvement in illegal behavior.

Sen. Grassley wanted to know whether there would be no political interference in the investigation. Garland said the U.S. attorney already has the green light to send cases to other districts if needed. He has been encouraged to satisfy all of his requirements. Garland said that he was unaware of any information from that department, indicating that they were unable to carry out the U.S. attorney’s requests.

When asked whether U.S. Attorney for Delaware, David C. Weiss, could take the Biden case elsewhere, Garland answered that he would have to bring it to another district if the issue fell outside of Weiss’s area. He assured Weiss that he would make sure that he could continue his investigation. He will be free to bring it before a court in a different jurisdiction if he sees fit.

If Weiss needs permission from a U.S. attorney that President Biden appointed to pursue charges, Grassley responded, the Biden investigation of his criminal activity is not immune from political influence, as he has publicly claimed.

Since 2018, Hunter Biden has been the subject of an investigation by Weiss’s office about the adequacy of his tax payments on an estimated multimillion dollar income. Authorities have looked into the possibility that Hunter Biden lied on a weapons application in 2018 about his drug usage.

As part of the investigation, the payments and income he got from sitting on the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, which he did while his father served as vice president, were also looked into because it seemed like there was a conflict of interest. According to Grassley’s questions, Garland said it would pose a national security issue if covert funds were used to promote a foreign administration.

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