Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty To Gun Charges

( – On Oct. 3, Hunter Biden pleaded “not guilty” to three federal gun charges in his first appearance in a Delaware court.

This was Hunter Biden’s first court appearance since being indicted on Sept. 14 by Special Counsel David Weiss on three federal gun charges stemming from his 2018 purchase of a Colt Cobra revolver. The charges include making a false statement on Form 4473 and a false statement to purchase the gun, as well as being unlawfully in possession of a firearm as someone using or addicted to a controlled substance. These are the first charges brought against Hunter Biden by Weiss since Attorney General Merrick Garland granted him special counsel status in August.

Hunter Biden had sought to appear in court via video conference; however, U.S. Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke rejected that request.

In court, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, stated he would file a motion to dismiss the three gun charges, claiming they are a violation of the Constitution. He also stated that the motion would be filed because of a diversion agreement that the defense says is still in effect. The diversion agreement was part of a plea deal accepted in July by Hunter Biden. However, the plea deal was rejected by a judge.

Lowell stated that he would also make a request for an evidentiary hearing where prosecutors would present the evidence they have against Hunter Biden.

In a recent drug test, the judge noted Hunter Biden tested negative for drugs.

Hunter Biden was granted conditional release and must communicate regarding any international travel plans, seek employment, not be in possession of a firearm, not use drugs, alcohol, or unprescribed medications, go to counseling for substance abuse, and submit random drug tests.

Burke set a deadline of Nov. 3 for prosecutors and defense attorneys to file their next motions in the case.

After Hunter Biden’s court appearance, Lowell stated the “charges are the result of political pressure.”

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