Hunter Biden LAPTOP Revelation – He’s Finally Doing The Unthinkable!

( – Hunter Biden has filed a lawsuit against a computer repair shop owner in Delaware who he says violated his privacy when he shared data on his laptop leading up to the 2020 election. Biden filed a counterclaim lawsuit March 17 in response to a libel lawsuit filed by John Mac Isaac, the computer repairman.

Lawyers representing Biden claim that the shop owner did not support Hunter’s father, Joe Biden, in his run for president, claiming he released Hunter Biden’s information for political gain, saying he shared the data with Rudy Giuliani, Mac Isaac’s father, his uncle and Giuliani attorney Robert Costello.

Mac Isaac filed a libel lawsuit which alleges false and defamatory statements about both the shop owner as well as where the data on the laptop came from were spread knowingly by Biden, Rep. Adam Schiff, Politico, and CNN.

According to Mac Isaac, the information on the laptop was obtained legally, saying Biden dropped off the computer to be repaired in April of 2019. He did not return to pick up the computer. After 90 days, Mac Isaac said the computer was considered abandoned according to his contract for repairs. 

The counterclaim lawsuit says the contract does not comply with laws in Delaware which say that tangible property is not considered abandoned until after 1 year. According to the counterclaim, the law also says that before someone else can be in possession of the property, a court must notify the owner, a petition must be advertised in the newspaper, and a notice must be posted in 5 or more public places. The lawsuit also argues that the 90-abandonment policy is at the bottom of the page, under the signature line, in small print. 

In the counterclaim, Biden is seeking compensatory and punitive damages as well as depositions from Steve Bannon and Giuliani, as well as others who are alleged to have copies of Biden’s laptop data.

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