How to Find Government Assistance Opportunities

How to Find Government Assistance Opportunities

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( – As of December 2021, an estimated 59 million Americans on average receive government assistance in one form or another every month. While some of it can be attributed to the pandemic and its impact on the economy, the fact is even in a normal year, millions rely on these benefits to survive. Those looking for aid can turn to both federal and state resources for help with food, housing, medical care and simple funds to help make it through the month.

Start Here

In order to determine which benefits a person might qualify for, is a great place to begin. Through answering questions via the benefit finder, not only will a person see which programs they might qualify for, but they’ll be directed to the appropriate agency for more information on specific criteria and how to apply.

This might include SNAP benefits to aid with rising food costs, Section 8 to help with housing costs, or even a temporary assistance program to help cover monthly expenses. Disabled people may even qualify for Social Security Disability (SSDI).

State Assistance Programs

While the federal government has some resources available to its citizens, there are a number of state-sponsored programs as well. In fact, most federal resources will direct those seeking services to state offices first. Each state has an annual budget for these programs, so the sooner people apply, the better chances they have of getting the aid they need.

Those interested should visit their state, city or local town’s official website for more information on the programs available.

Other Help Is Available

Sometimes people just need temporary help with paying a utility bill or covering daycare costs, but don’t need full-on government assistance. The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is designed to help those who meet specific income criteria to cover the costs of heating and cooling their homes throughout the year. The income limits vary depending on the state.

For those who need internet and/or phone service, but can’t afford the sometimes costly fees, there’s the Lifeline Program for qualifying individuals or families. For example, a family of four can not make more than $35,775 in the contiguous 48 states, $44,726 in Alaska, or $41,148 in Hawaii.

For someone seeking child care, the cost of which can be astronomical, the Child Care and Development Fund can be a lifesaver. Income limits vary depending by state.

If you’re someone who needs government assistance, whether due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other unfortunate circumstances, don’t hesitate to check out the many resources available.

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