How DARE She – Tom Dem Takes NO Responsibility!

( – Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California and the former speaker of the House, informed Republicans that they looked devastated because they had turned the House assembly into a puppet theater under the leadership of President Trump.

On June 21, Pelosi was the last Democrat to speak during the afternoon discussion on whether California Democratic Representative Adam Schiff should be censured for his involvement in the House’s Russia/Trump inquiry. Pelosi said Republicans on the House floor were lowering the prestige of the institution by behaving badly in the same place where Social Security and Medicare were established and where slavery was finally outlawed. The Republicans have reduced it to a puppet performance, the former House Speaker said, and Donald Trump is pulling the strings.

Pelosi has supported Schiff for a long time and now backs his run for California’s open Senate seat. She praised Schiff as one of the brightest lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

Pelosi continued by noting that the only good thing that might come out of this is that Republicans are spending time and energy on it instead of fighting the Democrats’ work to lower the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals. And they won’t have time to reverse the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, she said.

On the same day, Florida Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna used her speaking time to dismiss Pelosi’s assessment of the situation. Luna said the purpose of reprimanding Schiff is to restore respect to the United States citizenry. According to the resolution, Schiff misused his authority during the Trump administration by claiming there was proof of a connection between Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government. Luna accused Schiff of knowingly misleading Americans, Congress, and his own House committee by making these false claims.

On June 21, Republicans defeated Democrats’ attempt to table the measure along party lines, 218–208, clearing a procedural barrier for the amended resolution that had failed the previous week. Later that day, a final vote was taken to rebuke Schiff for how he handled investigations against then-President Trump.

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