House GOP Moves to Condemn Biden Admin For Americans Stranded In Israel

( – Three House Republicans last week introduced a resolution rebuking the Biden administration over how it is dealing with evacuating Americans from Israel, Fox News reported.

Introduced by New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis and Reps. Cory Mills and Byron Donalds of Florida, the resolution condemns the Biden administration for its failure to fulfill the government’s “duty” to the US citizens who were stranded in Israel.

The resolution argues that the Biden administration is using taxpayer money to provide housing and resources to illegal aliens while failing to prioritize “resources or assistance” to American citizens who seek to leave a “developing war zone in Israel,” adding that it is the government’s “duty and responsibility” to “preserve and protect” American citizens both at home and abroad.

Rep. Mills, who went to Israel to help evacuate more than 100 Americans after the October 7 terror attacks, told Fox News that the Biden administration often fails to show concern over the “well-being of American citizens stranded aboard during times of violent conflict.”

The resolution cites several times that the Biden State Department failed to provide assistance to Americans stranded in Israel when assistance was requested by members of Congress.

Rep. Malliotakis told Fox in a statement that after the failures in Afghanistan and Ukraine, it is “unconscionable” that the administration delayed “executing a plan” to get Americans safely out of Israel “as soon as possible.”

She noted that countries like Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and Poland all ran commercial and military flights to evacuate their citizens “within hours” of the October 7 attack, while US citizens “looking for the simplest answers” were “stonewalled” by the State Department.

The Biden administration defended its actions to evacuate Americans from Israel, telling Fox News that it made over 5,700 seats available on government-chartered transportation on boats and planes and noting that there were more seats available than people demanding them.

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