High-Flying Controversy – Kerry DEFENDS Private Jet Usage

(USNewsMag.com) – John Kerry, the climate czar and former Secretary of State, defended his frequent use of private jets during a Thursday hearing. He explained that he didn’t personally own one.

Since President Biden took office, Kerry’s family-owned private jet has emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon dioxide. According to the EPA’s greenhouse gas calculator, the Kerry family jet generated emissions equal to burning 331,923 pounds of coal in just 18 months. In March, Kerry stated that the pollution from private jets is offset by the lifestyle choices of billionaires.

Recently in Europe with President Biden, Kerry lectured the British leaders on green energy, which did not go over well since the cost of energy is soaring in Great Britain.

The carbon emissions from one flight on a private jet are greater than those produced by a gas-powered car over a lifetime.

House Republicans requested that the Biden administration release Kerry’s flight records to assess military flight expenses and private jet carbon emissions. Kerry acknowledged taking five military flights while serving in the Biden administration.

Using Chartered Military Aircraft is more expensive than commercial flights, which leads to criticism over the use of taxpayer funds. The public raised questions about the special circumstances that compelled Kerry to use military aircraft.

Kerry consented to disclosing his travel records, including commercial air, Military Air, and private travel financed by taxpayers.

During a recent hearing, Cory Mills, R-FL, accused Kerry of using private jets for official business, which made Kerry angry. The Kerry family’s private jet was sold to a charter company owned by the same family.

Kerry and Li Qiang, the 8th Premier of China, are currently discussing the hazards of China’s ongoing development of coal-fired power generation units. The goal of the discussion was to unite in climate change cooperation. The U.S. will be hosting a visit from important Chinese officials soon.

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