Hidden Email Ties Hunter’s Chinese Cash To $40K Payment To President

(USNewsMag.com) – An email from 2018 shows that a money laundering investigator raised concerns over Hunter Biden receiving money from a Chinese government-linked business rendering any services.

On Nov. 29, House Republicans revealed that the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability obtained the email as part of a subpoena. The committee noted that the email shows the same concerns that the committee has raised about the Biden family business, which were raised by a bank money laundering investigator long before its investigation into President Joe Biden’s “corruption.”

The June 26, 2018, email was sent to a financial institution’s assistant vice president and branch manager by a Bank Secrecy Act manager. The email stated that the Bank Secrecy Act manager had concerns about an initial $5 million funding in 2017 from Northern International Capital Holdings. The Bank Secrecy Act manager was also concerned about the “subsequent erratic payments” made to Hudson West III, a joint venture between a Chinese national and Hunter Biden, and Owasco PC. Owasco PC was “primarily funded” by “16 wires ranging from $157,393.19 to $400,000.00,” sent to a redacted name and “Owasco PC—Law Firm in D.C.” Owasco PC was controlled by Hunter Biden.

The investigator noted that no documents for a business loan were submitted, even though the funds were listed as a business loan. Hunter Biden’s link to China “may require a re-evaluation of the relationship with the customer,” according to the investigator.

The committee stated that the investigator made a note of China’s pattern of targeting politicians’ children as a way “to purchase political influence through’sweetheart deals.'”

House Oversight Committee chairman and Kentucky Rep. James Comer revealed that $40,000 of the initial $5 million wound up in the president’s bank account. The $40,000 was paid to the president by a personal check from his sister-in-law, Sara Biden, and his brother, James Biden. The money was labeled a “loan repayment.”

Comer is co-leading the impeachment inquiry against Biden.

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