Grooming Scheme EXPOSED – Celeb In HOT SEAT!

( – According to reports, Colleen Ballinger allegedly groomed and had an inappropriate relationship with JoJo Siwa when Siwa was 13 years old.

Ballinger is known for playing the kooky character Miranda Sings, notably in the Netflix series Haters Back Off and on a YouTube channel named Miranda Sings, geared towards children and teens.

Jojo Siwa is a dancer and singer, best known for being on the show Dance Moms and for having a popular YouTube channel, as well as 45 million followers on TikTok. Ballinger was a big fan of the show before she met Jojo.

After disturbing videos surfaced of Ballinger and Siwa, people began calling out their unseemly friendship. In one video dated October 2016, 29-year-old Ballinger asked 13-year-old Siwa inappropriate questions and commented on Siwa’s “Milk” shirt, asking if she knew that milk came from private parts.

In one video, after Siwa does a split, Ballinger questions if she hurt her crotch and tells her she needs to protect it. In another video, Ballinger teaches the young girl how to twerk. Ballinger comments that Siwa is a “naughty little girl.”

More clips show Ballinger and Siwa participating in a game of “Never Have I Ever,” where they talk about kissing, body parts, and boyfriends. Explaining their relationship and 17-year age difference, Ballinger said Siwa is like a little sister.

Siwa wasn’t the only one to fall victim to Ballinger’s improper conduct.

Fans claimed that Colleen had acted inappropriately with them as kids. When a fan was 13, Ballinger allegedly gave him underpants. Later, she said it was a joke. Ballinger allegedly engaged in sexual conversations with young admirers in a chatroom named “Colleeny’s Weenies.”

Colleen is accused of providing her young followers with inappropriate images and videos of influencer Trisha Paytas.

After revisiting older clips of Miranda Sings videos and live shows, many former fans are unsettled about what’s come to light, including allegations of racism, grooming, and more instances of unacceptable behavior.

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