Governor Signs EMERGENCY Shutdown Order – Taking It Down!

( – On March 15, Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox signed a measure outlawing abortion facilities, the latest restriction since the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade. When the state Senate and House approved H.B. 467 along party lines on March 2 and 3, Cox signed it.

The President of Pro-Life in Utah thanked the governor, brave bill sponsors, and pro-life state lawmakers. As states around the nation define their states post-Roe v. Wade, they are pleased to be in their state, which mostly acknowledges the constitutional right to life for children born and unborn and promotes a culture of life for everyone.

When the high court rejected the idea that the US Constitution gives citizens the right to abortion, Utah legislators declared the measure would defend all unborn children and all innocent young children. They also stated that the state had no more need for abortion facilities.

H.B. 467, sponsored by state Representative Karianne Lisonbee, a Republican from Clearfield, would ban abortion centers from being licensed after May 2, 2023 and restrict abortions to hospitals only. After January 1, 2024, Utah will ban abortion clinics altogether. Utah banned 18-week and older abortions in 2019. Last year’s Roe v. Wade reversal made it legal.

The nearest abortion facilities “will likely be six hours distant” in Glenwood Springs, CO and Las Vegas, NV, when the ban takes effect. Opponents worry that shifting abortions to Utah hospitals might boost abortion costs.

According to Aaron Welcher, Communications Director of the ACLU of Utah, they addressed a petition to Governor Cox requesting that he reject H.B. 467, considering that the Utah ACLU has long held that access to medical care is a basic human right. The right of each person to physical independence is a profoundly valued and well-established social and human right. The ACLU of Utah will closely examine any legislative initiatives that aim to severely restrict a person’s ability to control their reproductive functions, such as the choice of whether or not to have children.

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