Governor Enacts Order Cementing Gender Observed at Birth

( – On Aug. 30, an executive order that aims to define female and male was signed by Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen. The executive order went into effect immediately.

In a statement, Pillen called it “common sense” for men not to be allowed “in women’s only spaces.”

The executive order includes definitions for woman and girl, man and boy, as well as father and mother. It also includes biological definitions for each term. The order also says that state agencies must define male and female as the gender a person was observed to be at birth.

The definitions must be used for facilities that have gender designations, such as schools, as well as restrooms and locker rooms. The definitions in the executive order must be used by schools as well as other state agencies when collecting vital statistics, such as data on discrimination or crime.

The term transgender is not used in the executive order.

The move comes after a bill introduced by Nebraska state Sen. Kathleen Kauth to ban transgender athletes from school sports teams that align with their gender identity, as well as restrict access to bathrooms and locker rooms, did not advance out of committee. Kauth has stated that she will reintroduce the bill in the next legislative session.

In May, Pillen signed legislation that had been introduced by Kauth that bans anyone under 19 years old from receiving hormone therapy and puberty blockers, as well as so-called “gender-affirming” surgeries.

If lawmakers in Nebraska pass a law on transgender athletes, then the executive order will expire.

A similar order was signed by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt on Aug. 1, which was dubbed The Women’s Bill of Rights. The Oklahoma executive order also includes definitions for female and male. Oklahoma also passed a law banning transgender athletes from playing on sports teams that align with their actual gender, as well as banning children from using school bathrooms that conflict with their biology.

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