GOP Senators Demand Better Border Security Plan Over Threats By Terrorist Groups

( – Senate Republicans are losing patience with the southern border crisis and are now demanding that President Joe Biden and his administration come up with a plan to show Congress by the end of next week that will crack down on the growing national security threats attempting to enter the US.

Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana composed a letter, which was also signed by 10 more Republican senators, demanding that President Joe Biden provide “a senior-level classified briefing” to members of Congress detailing the president’s “plan and intentions” to increase support for homeland security in the wake of the border crisis. The deadline given by these senators for the briefing to take place is no later than November 8.

The letter comes in the wake of news last month that a record number of illegal immigrants also appearing on FBI terrorist watch lists have been encountered between border checkpoints.

Young and his fellow GOP senators wrote that the president is expected “to take every necessary step” to protect “the homeland,” which they said should be a priority. They said the president must allocate resources to “this task accordingly.” The letter also stated that “a proactive and comprehensive assessment” is warranted by “the nature of the foreign challenge” along with “vulnerabilities at home.”

They are specifically requesting that the Biden administration detail any changes that may have taken place when detecting homeland security threats following the attack by Hamas on Israel in early October. The letter raises concerns that Hamas or other terrorist groups “may seek to expand the conflict” from the Middle East into the US.

Last week, Customs and Border Patrol released a memo warning that individuals who are “reacting to” or “inspired by” the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas “may attempt” to move “to or from” hostile areas in the Middle East using the Southwest border for “circuitous transit.”

Terrorism is just the latest concern on a growing list of problems related to US border security, ranging from drug smuggling to human trafficking.

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