GOP Senators Bash Biden’s Iran Deal

( –  After Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Senate Republicans are speaking out about the connection between the attack and President Joe Biden’s $6 billion deal with Iran in exchange for the freedom of six American prisoners.

The deal allowed $6 billion of Iran’s frozen assets currently held in a bank in South Korea to be transferred to bank accounts in Qatar. The deal stated that the funds could be used only for humanitarian purposes, with the U.S. overseeing how the funds are used. It is unclear if any of the funds have left the account in Qatar.

However, in a statement to BBC Hamas spokesperson Ghazi Hamad, Iran supported the Oct. 7 attacks. Hamas as well as Hezbollah helped Iran with the planning of the attack, according to an Oct. 8 Wall Street Journal report.

After the Oct. 7 attack, Israel formally declared war on Hamas.

On Oct. 8 on Twitter, Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn stated that Biden should “void the agreement and freeze the $6 billion” immediately if the money hasn’t been released.

On Twitter, Tennessee Sen. Bill Hagerty, a member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, wrote that “money is finite,” adding that Iran was able to “bankroll terrorist proxies” because of the “lax sanctions enforcement and waivers” that have occurred over the past two years.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott posted on Twitter that “there can be no tolerance for calls of de-escalation.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter that the one reason Hamas exists is “to wipe out the Jewish state of Israel,” adding that this only leaves Israel with the option of responding to the attack by permanently eliminating Hamas.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz stated that Israel’s “absolute right to self-defense” must be supported by the United States.

Two vocal critics of Israel, Squad members New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, condemned the attacks but added a call for a cease-fire between Hamas and Israel.

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