GOP Senator Backs Trump for 2024 Presidency

( – Former President Donald Trump continues to gain support and endorsements among Republicans as they form ranks behind the obvious frontrunner. This time, a Republican senator running for governor of Indiana is throwing his lot behind the former president.

Gubernatorial candidate Sen. Mike Braun announced that he supports Trump for president in 2024. In an appearance on Fox News, Braun described himself as “a Main Street Entrepreneur” and a “political outsider” and said he’s “seen firsthand” how the “stamp” in D.C. “works against” Indianans to “hamper” their prosperity. He then said Trump is also “a businessman and outsider” and that together they “took on the Washington swamp” in Indiana’s 2018 Senate race, achieving “a historic victory.”

Together with Trump, Braun says they were able to install “constitutional conservatives on the Supreme Court,” which resulted in overturning Roe v. Wade and protecting Second Amendment rights. He says they also “disrupted the cozy, self-serving” elites in D.C. “who are bankrupting” America. Braun called Trump a candidate who is “capable of returning us to the America First policies” that he says brought “unmatched prosperity and security” to the country.

The two have exchanged consistent support for one another. Trump endorsed Braun for his Senate run in 2018, bringing thousands of his supporters to the senator’s rallies, which helped him defeat Democrat Joe Donnelly and claim his seat. Braun was a big supporter of Trump during the first impeachment trial brought against the former president.

Braun is the 11th senator to endorse Trump as their 2024 pick. His comments come as other top GOP lawmakers predict Trump will be the nominee, including Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who said second-runner-up Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is “not at the same level” as Trump. The House Speaker declined to endorse any candidates in the past but now seems to be changing his tune.

As Trump faces four indictments launched this year, McCarthy just approved an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden after pressure from House Republicans to do more to shine a light on the Biden family’s corruption.

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