GOP Investigates Money Trails Tied To Hamas Funding

( – Republican North Carolina Rep. Greg Murphy is requesting Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen launch a federal investigation into whether Americans who donate to pro-Palestinian charities are unknowingly funding Hamas. In a statement, Murphy said “terrorist organizations are getting millions of dollars” from Americans who think they are donating “to help people” when they are actually funding Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

In a letter to Yellen, Murphy asked what plan she had, if any, to ensure that the money Americans donate to pro-Palestinian charities is not being used to fund Hamas or any similar organization. Murphy wrote in his letter that he was concerned about “the use of fraudulent charitable organizations” being used to “fund Hamas and other affiliated terrorist groups.” He added that it was “essential that the Treasury Department” take steps “to clamp down on funding” that goes to Hamas and similar terrorist organizations.

He also stated that social media is being used by many charitable organizations to raise money “intended to help Palestinian civilians.” Murphy warned that this could allow alleged charity groups that help fund Hamas to be amplified. He stated that social media allows money to be raised “more easily from ordinary American citizens” who are not aware that Hamas uses fraudulent charitable organizations to raise money for its war with Israel.

The Virginia Attorney General, Jason Miyares, is currently investigating the organization American Muslims for Palestine for potentially violating the state’s charitable solicitation laws. According to Miyares’ office, the funds raised by the organization are alleged to have been used for “impermissible purposes under state law,” which includes using funds to provide “support to terrorist organizations.” The organization is also alleged to be raising funds in Virginia without registering with both Consumer Services and the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture. According to the organization’s website, the group is “dedicated to advancing the movement for justice in Palestine.”

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