GOP Closes In – Biden Crime Family CORNERED

( – According to Republican Kentucky Representative James Comer, the House Oversight Committee plans to investigate whether the Biden family received money from Ukraine involving organized crime.

He said that he was following the money in his probe. Even though documents describing the apparent financial transactions don’t explicitly state that a business association of Hunter Biden sent $5 million to the Bidens, they do state that investigators won’t find the wire since it was routed through numerous financial institutions.

The paper outlining the alleged illegal plan involving a foreign person and then-VP Biden was requested by Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and Senator Charles Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, in a letter dated May 3. Comer examined the unclassified paper on June 5 with Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), the House Oversight Committee’s leading minority member. Comer examined additional materials on June 20.

Comer stated that the Ukrainian funds are still being reviewed. According to the FBI documents, those involved took extensive measures to conceal their illicit behavior, but Comer said he is certain that they will be able to track down the trail of the funds eventually.

In a statement on the Senate floor on June 12, Grassley stated that tapes of then-VP Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, exist in relation to a bribery accusation, based on an examination of unclassified paperwork known as FD-1023.

Comer made his remarks after transcripts of IRS whistleblowers’ depositions were published on June 22 by Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee. The deposition claimed that Danny Werfel, the IRS Commissioner, and Attorney General Merrick Garland had deceived Congress about the Hunter Biden inquiry. Hunter Biden allegedly told a Chinese business partner that Vice President Joe Biden was in the room with him, an apparent threat, when the two men had a payment disagreement.

In China, authorities have previously found a pattern of foreigners sending many money transfers that are laundered via shell businesses the Bidens’ constructed and ultimately land up in the personal accounts of Biden family members.

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