Go Woke, Go Broke – Woke Ideology EXPOSES Backfire

(USNewsMag.com) – Americans’ knowledge of woke ideology may cause them to mistake satire for truth. False beliefs about gender identity and pronouns are prevalent among many individuals, typically among liberals who accept the concept of gender fluidity and find men wearing makeup to be normal and beautiful.

The same people change their pronouns frequently and cry when they are misgendered.

The Anheuser Busch controversy didn’t stop Maybelline from hiring a transgender model. BudLight’s partnership with transwoman Dylan Mulvaney resulted in a negative reaction from consumers, leading to a brand boycott and billions of dollars in losses.

In another example of woke ideology backfiring, researchers at Oregon State University say they were traumatized by answers on a survey given to engineering and computer science students.

Students provided unsettling answers, such as identifying their gender as a helicopter. Others declared their disabilities to include being illiterate and noted that their country is being run by communists. Being trans was considered a disability by some due to the inability to relate to biological reality. More sarcastic responses were given to questions about race.

The academics noted their surprise at the sarcasm in response to their research into LGBTQ students in STEM fields. The responses were labeled malicious and led to an examination of the rise of fascism online.

Researchers needed time off in order to heal from the harm the answers caused. This led to a change in the focus of the study.

Some referred to the professors’ need for trauma recovery as snowflake behavior, requiring a safe space and stress toys.

“Go woke, go broke” is a phrase that is often used to criticize advertisers attempting to connect with marginalized communities or promote inclusive values.

In a poll conducted in May, 63 percent of the 1500 American adults surveyed agreed with the phrase. It has been turned into a rallying cry for those angered by recent advertising tactics of large companies.

As the Oregon State University researchers found, it makes no sense to appeal to a small percentage of people while alienating others.

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