Gaetz Calls McCarthy Reckless and a Misogynist

( – Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz called out House Speaker Kevin McCarthy again on Tuesday, describing the Speaker’s conduct as “reckless and unhinged.”

Gaetz appeared on Newsmax earlier this week and host Eric Bolling asked Gaetz “what’s going on” between him and McCarthy. Bolling was referring to the thorough dressing down Gaetz gave the Speaker on the House floor last week after McCarthy announced an impeachment inquiry into  President Joe Biden. Gaetz threatened to start calling for votes to remove McCarthy if he doesn’t produce some results, and threatened to unify with Democrats to make that happen.

Gaetz replied to Bolling that it wasn’t “an Ethics Committee matter that led” to the conflict, but “a pattern” of behavior in  McCarthy’s leadership. He also bemoaned the backlash he and Indiana Rep. Victoria Spartz have received for expressing their view that McCarthy has “failed” them. According to Gaetz, McCarthy has “been reckless and unhinged,” and that his attacks on lawmakers like Spartz for “making a substantive argument” are “rattled and misogynist.”

Spartz accused the House Speaker of failing the GOP twice and said she’ll be “done” with him for good if he fails a third time on the budget plan to avoid a government shutdown on September 30. She said if McCarthy isn’t “willing to fight” for the concerns of the Republican Party, he will fail them.

Bolling also asked Gaetz if he wanted to become Speaker of the House, to which Gaetz replied that he had “no interest in running for speaker” and that he just wanted “Congress to do its actual work.”

It’s no secret that Gaetz has it out for McCarthy, though, even if the reason is not to take his position. On Wednesday, a motion by Gaetz was discovered in a bathroom at the Capitol declaring the Speaker of the House office to be vacant, so it appears he isn’t bluffing.

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