Former Clinton Adviser Says Roe v. Wade Leak Was Intentional – Here’s Why

Former Clinton Adviser Says Roe v. Wade Leak Was Intentional -- Here's Why

Was The Roe v Wade Leak Intentional? Former Clinton Adviser Gives Details

( – There are a lot of theories floating around about who leaked the first draft of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization opinion on May 2. The leaked opinion caused outrage around the country as politicians claimed (wrongly) the high court was going to make abortion illegal. An ex-advisor to former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton thinks they know why the draft was leaked.

Mark Penn, the Harris Poll chairman and Stagwell CEO, told Fox News he believes the leak of the draft will impact the midterms and the Supreme Court. He explained there was a feeling of defeat among Democrats about the fall elections. Now, the party will be able to use the leak (and possible final opinion if it strikes down Roe v. Wade) to energize their base. He went on to say he believes it “breathed new life” into the Democratic Party’s hopes for the midterms.

Penn told Fox a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll in December found 54% of voters favored keeping Roe in place. Only 46% of respondents thought states should control reproductive health laws. Therefore, he thinks the Left will have an advantage when it comes to using the issue to drive voter turnout.

It’s possible the American people could learn who the leaker is in the coming weeks or months. Chief Justice John Roberts ordered an investigation into what happened.

Do you have any theories on who leaked the rough draft?

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