Fetterman Angers Anti-Israel Protesters By Waving Israeli Flag

(USNewsMag.com) – Pennsylvania’s Democrat Senator John Fetterman caused anger amongst anti-Israel demonstrators on Thursday, November 9, for waving an Israeli flag as he walked past the shouting crowd. Fetterman, who recently plastered his office with posters of the victims kidnapped by Hamas terrorists, was treated to cries of “shame!” as he stepped out of the Russell Senate Building on Capitol Hill.

Amongst the jeering crowd were several members of the “About Face” group, a progressive group of veterans noted for their calls for the National Guard to stand down in the face of the Black Lives Matter riots following the death of George Floyd. The group took to X, formerly Twitter, after the event to complain that Fetterman had merely laughed off the heckles and did not appear to care that members of “About Face” were being arrested at the time.

Fetterman, normally seen as a progressive member of the Democratic Party, has placed himself in opposition to other pro-Palestinian progressive elements of the party. He has offered his vocal support to Israel following the horrific attacks of October 7, which saw Hamas, the terrorist group that acts as the governing body for Gaza, torture, kill, and kidnap Israeli civilians, including children. While the anti-Israel protestors on Capitol Hill gathered to demand a ceasefire, Fetterman has publicly disagreed with their stance. In a statement posted to his website, he voiced his support for Israel’s efforts to destroy Hamas and prevent any future massacres being committed by the group.

Protestors calling for a ceasefire have decried the high numbers of civilian deaths and casualties caused by Israel’s retaliatory strikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, but the Pennsylvania Senator believes that a ceasefire cannot be properly discussed until Hamas has been “neutralized”, stating that Hamas does not want peace but instead wants to destroy Israel. Hamas was founded in 1987 and based itself on three main pillars: Islam, charity, and the fight against the existence of Jewish Israel.

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