Federal Records COMPROMISED – Details Pouring In!

(USNewsMag.com) – An internal audit has resulted in the U.S. Air Force admitting to the unauthorized release of military service records for 11 people. Included in the 11 individuals are Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon and Iowa Rep. Zach Nunn. Now House Republicans are looking for answers to what happened.

Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek said in a statement Feb. 21 said 11 individuals were discovered during an audit conducted on the records release between Oct. 2021-2022. She stated proper procedures were not followed in releasing the individuals information. She also stated the information for all 11 people was released to the same third party. The audit was conducted by the Air Force after a report from POLITICO about Indiana House candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green’s military records before the midterm elections.

Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mike Rogers and chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee James Comer made a request to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for records and policies which apply to the disclosure of military service records. The two lawmakers stated the conduct of the Air Force was unacceptable.

A Standard Form 180 is what is commonly used when conducting employee background checks, Stefanek said.

Bacon’s unauthorized release of records was confirmed in a letter he received Feb. 7. The letter from Air Force Maj. Gen. Troy Dunn stated that multiple requests from Abraham Payton, a background investigation analyst with Due Diligence Group, LLC, were received. The letter says that Payton had Bacon’s social security number. Bacon, one-star general, retired after 30 years of service from the Air Force.

Nunn’s has called for an investigation to the unauthorized release of the records. According to Nunn’s campaign page, he is an officer in the Iowa National Guard.

It is unclear who the remaining 9 individuals are who were affected by the unauthorized release of information.

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