FBI Increases Reward For Information On Pipe Bomber

(USNewsMag.com) – Two days before the second anniversary of January 6th, commonly referred to as an insurrection by mainstream media outlets, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Washington Field Office announced that they were increasing the reward for information about the Capitol Hill Pipe Bomber. On January 6th, 2021, two pipe bombs were discovered in Washington, D.C. The devices, which had been planted late at night on January 5th, were left at the Republican National Committee Building as well as the Democratic National Committee Building. Surveillance footage was released of the suspect, but little identifying information could be gleaned from the clips released to the public.

The failure to find the person involved has led to criticism over the past two years, with many pointing out how quickly the FBI identified those that have been deemed the “capitol rioters” regardless of the seriousness of their charges, while a person who attempted to set off explosions has gone unidentified for over two years. 

To renew public awareness and stir up new leads, the FBI has increased the reward from $100,000 to $500,000. The Bureau also reposted a previously released bulletin that features two images of the suspect, the type of shoes the person appeared to be wearing, and images of both pipe bombs, in the hope that people will “take another look” and potentially submit a tip. 

While they have been unable to track down the person involved, despite a large amount of surveillance footage that captured the perpetrator’s movements that night, the FBI said in a tweet that they have arrested 950 people in connection to the “attack on the Capitol” over the past two years and that they continue to receive tips from the public which have been “instrumental” in their effort to bring the “remaining offenders to justice.” 

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