Fast Food Chains Are Changing Things up Due to Inflation and Rising Costs

Fast Food Chains Are Changing Things up Due to Inflation and Rising Costs

( – Inflation is the highest it’s been in 30 years. Both average Americans and businesses are feeling the pain of rising prices. Now, fast food chains are getting creative in order to help offset the costs.

In January, Little Caesars recently raised the price of its $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza to $5.55. The 11% price hike was the first for the pizza in nearly 25 years. Republicans blamed the increase on President Joe Biden’s inflation crisis.

Domino’s is reducing the size of its 10-piece $7.99 wing deal to 8 pieces and making it available only to online customers. Burger King also decreased the number of chicken nuggets in one of their meals from 10 pieces to 8. Additionally, the hamburger chain is making other menu changes and getting rid of paper coupons.

McDonald’s is now allowing franchises across the country to raise the prices of sodas. The soft drinks have been $1 for any size as part of a national promotion. Taco Bell raised its prices by 10% during 2021. Olive Garden is also reportedly not bringing back its never-ending pasta bowl.

Fast food restaurants are also promoting their value meals, especially for items that haven’t been hit as hard by inflation. However, many of those deals are only going to be available through online apps – so, if customers want a good deal, they better start downloading.

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