Experts Warn Putin May Be Saving Arsenal for Possible NATO Attack

Experts Warn Putin May Be Saving Arsenal for Possible NATO Attack

New Report Exposes Putin’s Potential Plot To Bring Down NATO

( – The United States and its Western allies have provided Ukraine with billions of dollars of aid. However, none of the nations have actually engaged in the conflict. That would change if Russia crossed a red line, and some experts believe he might be preparing for the possibility.

On Wednesday, July 27, the NATO Defense College released a report that alleged Russian President Vladimir Putin has not fully engaged Ukraine. The country didn’t “order general mobilization,” limited its air force, used older weapons, and didn’t attack in cyberspace like one might have expected. Instead of a full-fledged battle, the former Soviet superpower has been restrained, it seems (even though its victims might disagree). Instead, the analysis suggests it was intentional in order to maintain its “ability to engage, if needed, in operations against NATO.”

Not only does Russia appear to be holding back, but the report flatly alleges an attack on NATO “remains a possibility.”

The Russian leader has long said he doesn’t want to see NATO expand its influence. Part of the reason he went to war in the neighboring country was to prevent Ukraine from ever trying to join the international alliance. Ironically, the invasion prompted Sweden and Finland to reverse decades’-long neutrality stances and lobby to join the organization.

If Putin were to attack an allied country, it could lead to WWIII. The question is: Does the Russian leader want to put humanity in danger?

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